Meet Our Team

Steve grew up in a rural area of western Oregon, surrounded by antique and classic vehicles of all types.  He developed an early appreciation for these machines, admiring their performance and style.  He believes that by using hindsight we can extract the elegance and performance which worked so well in the past and apply it with today’s technology to provide a classic, timeless style to modern products. 

Mark’s roots are in rural Indiana where he possessed an early, innate talent for machines and how they work. Moving beyond mechanics, Mark possesses an aptitude for creative design which gives Salish Metalworks its pleasing, aesthetic pop. 

Leah was born and raised on San Juan Island and has traveled extensively throughout Asia in search of good food and inspiration. She is an artist with a background that includes fine tailoring, bookbinding, and cooking. She is fueled by a lifelong desire to work with her hands and to learn new skills.

Betsy was raised in Kentucky and graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in photo journalism. She moved to Orcas Island in 2015 to pursue a life of artistic freedom and now works for Salish Metalworks as an assistant fabricator.

At Salish Metalworks, our goal is to provide the very best quality product today, inspired by the past, to serve future generations. 

The Spark: Avoiding Accidental Trespass 

Salish Metalworks began with an observation by owner Steve Pearson. He noticed visitors mistaking private property for public access and property owners reluctant to post low quality, overly aggressive signs.  Steve decided to explore the idea of creating signs heralding back to heritage craftsmanship, infused with modern, clean lines. Salish Metalworks has since grown into a much larger operation capable of producing structural steel components, furniture, and custom signage for both residential and commercial use.

Artesian Manufacturing

Our products are designed and produced on beautiful Orcas Island off the Northwest coast of Washington. Orcas draws an eclectic mix of individualists, environmentalists, and artists. Our fabricators draw incentive from the slower island lifestyle reminiscent of the past to inspire them to quality workmanship. The natural island beauty inspires a passion to make products that are compatible with the natural environment. 

All projects are crafted using clean, modern technologies, that are then hand finished, to produce unique pieces which will age to a natural patina.