Respect Our Privacy

Respect Our Privacy


“Respect Our Privacy” sign, created from 2 layers of steel to create a unique, robust appearance. Front layer is hot-rolled steel, back layer is stainless steel. The combined thickness is approximately 1/8 inch.  

No finishes are applied as our signs are intended to weather to a beautiful natural patina.  If you wish to apply a finish you can either use a local finishing source for powder coating or paint, or apply your own finish using good quality paints or metal dyes.   

Signs are designed to fit on standard size lumber products, i.e. 4x4 and 6x6 posts or comparable boards though mounting on most any surface is possible.  The generous use of fasteners, 3 inches on center, ensures a secure mounting method while providing an attractive detail feature.  To install, simply remove the necessary fasteners and swap them out for wood screws or hooks. Post not included.

Sign measures 61.5” x 3.5” x 1/8”

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These signs are created in the Pacific Northwest on Orcas Island using recycled/recyclable, long lasting materials.

We have created these signs to address the needs of the discerning property owner who desires an attractive, durable option to the currently available mass market signage.  The contrast of the different materials provides a high degree of visibility in a clean, attractive, and timeless style.